Konikoff Dentistry

About Us

Winning the hearts and smiles of families in Hampton Roads for more than 30 years

At Konikoff Dentistry we pride ourself on providing a different kind of dental experience, one with a team dedicated to great service, the highest quality of care, and the wonderful idea that a trip to the dentist should be a fun experience - and you'll know it's true the moment you come in for your first appointment.


Not only do we ensure that our dentists and hygienists practice the highest standards in dental care and are fully accredited and licensed, but also at Konikoff we're firm believers in continuing education so we can deliver you the most advanced care in dentistry, incuding the latest in technilogical advancements, specialty services- such as our on-staff endodontist and a pediatric dentist who ensures a seamless continuum of care for treatments that require particular attention.

For more information visit our website on your laptop or desktop at www.konikoffsmile.com.